From Bus Driver To Chief Operations Officer

Well Dressed Academy was started for the man that realizes he isn't representing himself to the best of his ability. For who's done being average and instand wants to be...


...The Sharpest Man in the room.


Several years ago I was the guy on the left, working a job I hated, approaching the age of 30, a new father just floating through life. Until I was devastated by an event that made me take a hard look in the mirror.


The man I seen was a person who wasn't taking charge of his life.


I needed to make a change. I decided to wear my professional clothes on a daily basis.


I felt important, people treated me important and within months I was a Chief Operations Officer gaining TV, Newspaper and Magazine coverage.


I begin teaching friends and their life begin to change almost instantly. 


Dating out of their league and making more money.


This is when I realized, our appearance change change how we perform.


At the Well Dressed Academy, men learn the step by step process to developing an appearance so sharp it changes his identity. 


Every transformation starts with a phone call. 


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